To IP Cameras or NOT to IP Cameras! That is the Question. (IP Cameras vs Analog Cameras)

Yes, analogs cameras are cheaper, but you will never get the GRAINY-NESS out of it.

Many people don’t know the difference between analog cameras and IP cameras, except perhaps that IP cameras cost a lot more than analog.

Here is a couple things to consider about IP Cameras:

1) No matter how much you zoom in,it won’t make the image better. Analogs can’t do what you see on fictional investigation shows. However, IP Cameras can zoom and get a clear picture.

interlaced vs progressive scan_2

Picture by

2) IP Cameras Have an AMAZING resolution and a larger range of resolution. The higher the MPs the better image and range. This also means that you can obtain a wider coverage for one camera.


Picture by

3) Less cable tango. IP cameras need typically one cable for both power and signal. Analog usually needs 2 (one for power and another for signal). IP Cameras are PoE when you wire them on standard category cable, instead the common analog cameras that require coaxial cable + Power and in some instances, another control cable.

Just check out this picture and more from the Blog:


Uggghhhh….Makes my head ache.

Not to say that analog cameras are bad. They do work well. As always, it depends on application, location, environment and many other factors. Please, before purchasing a security system to be clear on the design and how it will work for you.

For more info check the following:


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